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Unity plugin for procedural dungeon generation

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Edgar - Procedural Level Generator


This project is a Unity plugin for procedural generation of 2D dungeons and aims to give game designers a complete control over generated levels. It combines procedural generation and handmade room templates to generate levels with a feeling of consistency. Under the hood, the plugin uses my .NET procedural level generator.

Similar approaches are used in games like Enter the Gungeon or Dead Cells.

See the documentation and examples here.

Current state of the plugin

This is an alpha version of the improved version 2 of the plugin. The current state is not ideal yet, but I think that it is better to use v2 if you are a new user. If you already use v1.x, there are some breaking changes in v2 so you have to think about whether to migrate or not (I would recommend to do so). You can find the latest v1.x release here.

I am also working on a PRO version of the plugin that will be paid and will contain additional features like platformers generator, performance benchmarking tools, more control over the inputs for the generator, simple fog of war, more example scenes and other.

If you want to try the PRO version before it is officially released, you can buy it now on at a discounted price.

Current state of the PRO version:

Feature Description State
Coroutines Call the generator as a coroutine so that the game does not freeze when generating a level Done (docs)
Platformers Generator that is able to produce platformer levels Prototype (docs, example)
Isometric Simple example of isometric levels Prototype (example)


There are several ways of installing the plugin:

via Package Manager

Add the following line to the packages/manifest.json file under the dependencies section (you must have git installed):

 "com.ondrejnepozitek.procedurallevelgenerator": ""

To try the examples, go to the Package Manager, find this plugin in the list of installed assets and import examples.

Note: When importing the package, I’ve got some weird “DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path” errors even though all the files are there. If that happens to you, just ignore that.

How to update

After installing the package, Unity adds something like this to your manifest.json:

  "lock": {
    "com.ondrejnepozitek.procedurallevelgenerator": {
      "hash": "fc2e2ea5a50ec4d1d23806e30b87d13cf74af04e",
      "revision": "upm"

Remove it to let Unity download a new version of the plugin.

via .unitypackage

Go to Releases and download the unitypackage that’s included in every release. Then import the package to Unity project (Assets -> Import package -> Custom package).

How to update

In order to be able to download a new version of the plugin, we recommend to not change anything inside the Assets/ProceduralLevelGenerator folder. At this stage of the project, files are often moved, renamed or deleted, and Unity does not handle that very well.

The safest way to update to the new version is to completely remove the old version (Assets/ProceduralLevelGenerator directory) and then import the new version. (Make sure to backup your project before deleting anything.)


  • Complete control over the structure of generated level. Instead of generating completely random dungeons, you specify how many rooms you want and how they should be connected and the algorithm generates levels that follow exactly that structure.
  • Complete control over the look of individual rooms. You can draw room templates using Unity built-in Tilemap feature. You can use all available tools (brushes, rule tiles, etc.) to design room templates.
  • Rooms either directly connected by doors or connected by corridors. You can choose to either connect rooms by corridors or directly via doors.
  • Easy to customize. The plugin is ready to be customized and extended.
  • Supports Unity 2018.4 and newer.
  • 2 example scenes included.


  • Alpha version. There may be some breaking changes in the API.
  • Some inputs are too hard for the generator. You need to follow some guidelines in order to achieve good performance.
  • Not suitable for large levels. The generator usually works best for levels with less than 30 rooms.
  • Not everything can be configured via editor. You need to have programming knowledge in order to generate anything non-trivial.


1. Draw rooms and corridors

2. Prepare the structure of the level

3. Generate levels


Terms of use

The plugin can be used in bot commercial and non-commerical projects but cannot be redistributed or reselled. If you want to include this plugin in your own asset, please contact me and we will figure that out.

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