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An example that shows how to connect RealSense depth camera to Unity VFX Graph

Unity 2019.2.5f1OtherUpdated 322 days agoCreated on February 15th, 2019
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Rsvfx is an example that shows how to connect an Intel RealSense depth camera to a Unity Visual Effect Graph.

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System requirements

  • Unity 2019.2 or later
  • Intel RealSense D400 series

How it works


The PointCloudBaker component converts a point cloud stream sent from a RealSense device into two dynamically animated attribute maps: position map and color map. These maps can be used in the “Set Position/Color from Map” blocks in a VFX graph, in the same way as attribute maps imported from a point cache file.


Frequently asked questions

Is it possible with Azure Kinect?

There is a project for you. Check out Akvfx.

Which RealSense model fits best?

I personally recommend D415 because it gives the best sample density in the current models. Please see this thread for further information.

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