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Multiplayer networked game - student project made in Unity

Unity 2018.2.12f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 160 days agoCreated on October 17th, 2018
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Hands of Destruction

Hands of Destruction


Hands of Destruction is a multiplayer game project that focuses on player versus player type of gameplay. Player can select from two types of magic - Fire and Ice and three types of armor - Thef’s, Barbarian’s and Arcanist’s armor sets. It gives us a variety of play styles that fits everyone.

In order to play the game we can browse existing matches or create our own. Looking for game is easy - we can join by browsing room list, using quick join (match finder) or joining directly by entering IP addres of the server. We support both Unity Relay Servers and LAN so we can host a room available over the internet or just over our local network.

Now there are two game modes available:

  • Destruction Derby - a team deathmatch set up in valley surrounded by mountains,
  • Master Exploder - a classic type of deathmatch in western-like red canyon.

To win the game you have to complete objective under the time limit (or hold the highest score to the end of the game).

Project has been made in Unity 2018.2.12f Personal Edition with Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 as code editor, Blender 2.79b and 3ds Max 2018 (Educational license) as 3D editor. For networking we used built in UNet and Unity Relay Servers (Free option that can hold up to 20 CCU).

Gallery can be found under this link!


Game has been made by:

  • @m-bt Michał Biernat - lead game designer and programmer,
  • @An-Hos Anna Hosumbek - level designer,
  • @JPawlow Jakub Pawłowski - 3d artist

Most of the game assets have been made by us but we couldn’t do everything so we used couple of free assets from Unity Asset Store. We listed those down below:

We also used some icons from flaticon.com:

  • Running, Health care, Snowflake, Dice and Award icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com [Flaticon Basic License]
  • Fire icon made by Icomoon form www.flaticon.com [CC 3.0 BY]
  • Magic Wand icon made by Dave Gandy form www.flaticon.com [CC 3.0 BY]
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