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MafiaGame List Generator is an android app for Mafia (the party game) made in Unity written in C#.

Unity 2017.1.0f3Unknown LicenseUpdated 167 days agoCreated on March 3rd, 2019
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MafiaGame List Generator

This is a project made in 2017 when I learned the basics of Unity using C#. That time I discovered this party game called Mafia (or Werewolf) where each player is assigned a role (Citizen, Mafia, Doctor, Cop, 1 Storyteller etc.) by picking a piece of paper or a playing card from a deck. There were times when we wasted lots of paper for this game so this app idea came to me.

The app is simple to use:

  • the storyteller sets the amount of players, number of desired Mafia players, doctors and cops;
  • each player is assigned a number;
  • the list is generated, and now it is ready to be seen anytime by the storyteller;
  • the storyteller shows to each player its secret role by entering the corresponding number in the app.

A demo video can be found here and some screenshots down below.

Front View Image Front View Image

Front View Image Front View Image
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