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A Game Where You Can Be Anyone.

Unknown VersionOtherUpdated 261 days agoCreated on July 10th, 2015
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A Game Where You Can Be Anyone.


Project Information:

Project name: Oldentide
Initial Starting Date: 2/9/2013
Founding Author: Joseph DeVictoria
Client Platform: Unity 2018.1.3f1
Languages: C#, Go, SQLite3
Project Website: www.oldentide.com
Wiki: Github Wiki
Development Server: imp.oldentide.com
Development Game Port: Port 1337
Contact: jldevictoria@gmail.com



Assets: A place where all game assets (Maps, Models, Textures, Scripts etc…) go.
Concepts: A place where any concept art, drawings, sketches or purely conceptual code goes.
Packages: A place where all Unity editor package configurations go.
ProjectSettings: A place where all Unity editor configurations needed for development go.
Server: A place where dedicated server code goes. (Complimentary to game Code.)

In order to view the project in Unity, simply open the Unity project browser and click “Open”.
Navigate to this base directory (repository base) and click open. Game scenes and Objects should be viewable!
Feel free to play around with the engine, but if you want to commit, please either use a separate branch, or make a pull request!

A readme for Server and Website operation is found within the Server directory.

Please contact me immediately if you see any bugs or want to contribute. I need help developing the game!

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