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A tool designed in Unity for importing model files from the Fox Engine

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on August 6th, 2017
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FMDL Studio v2

Fox Engine model importer (and planned exporter) for Unity.


Importing an fmdl to Unity

Open the project in Unity, go to the FMDL Studio menu option and select Import Fmdl. You will be prompted to select the fmdl of your choice. If you want textures to be applied to the model, go to the Fmdl Studio menu option and choose Set Texture Folder. Choose the folder that contains the textures for your model(s).

Note: Make sure that when you select the texture folder, you DO NOT select the /Assets/ folder. Select the folder that contains /Assets/.

Note 2: Currently only diffuse and normal textures are applied automatically. The tool will look for the other textures used by the model as well; but it will not apply them to the model.

Note 3: You must convert the normal maps from the Fox Engine format to the standard normal map format if you want them to look right. To do this you must:

  1. Copy the texture’s alpha channel to the red channel.

  2. Invert the texture’s green channel.

  3. Paint the blue channel completely white.

  4. Paint the alpha channel completely white.

Exporting a model to FBX

After a model has be imported into Unity, select the model in the editor (the object with the model’s name). Go to the FMDL Studio menu option and select Convert to FBX. Select where you want the model to be exported to and click Save.

By default the fbx file will search for textures in the texture folder set with the Set Texture Folder menu option.

Note: Currently only diffuse and normal textures are applied automatically.


BobDoleOwndU: Programming and reverse-engineering.

Joey35233: Programming.

youarebritish (sai): General help/debugging.

Tex: Testing.

Highflex: Reverse-engineering.

revel8n: Reverse-engineering.

Thanks to Jayveerk, cra0kalo and HeartlessSeph for their previous work on the .fmdl format.

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