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Runtime debugging menu (like setting on Android) for Unity.

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on March 3rd, 2017
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Runtime debugging menu (like setting on Android) for Unity.

About this plugin

Every single Unity projects have lots of debugging purpose features. The sad thing is, these kind of codes are just for one time use, even if these are not just project-specific codes. So usally after use these codes, these are just discarded. For preventing invent-a-wheel again and again, we decided to collect all the general purpose debugging features into one single plugin.

The Final Form of Plugin, We Hope

  • It will be similar to Android Settings menu.
  • You will use this plugin just by add a single DLL file.
  • You will open runtime-debugging menu by gesture, like draw circle.
  • You will simply add your own view by few API call.
  • Or you will plugin in your own code in github repository.

Current Status

  • Device information
  • Build information
  • Log viewer
  • Scene changer

What Features, For Example?

We will ship plenty of general purpose runtime debugging features!

  • Extensible CLI parser/executer
  • LUA repl for UnityEngine.dll
  • Account information
  • Touch infomation, with visualization
  • Network monitering tool/simulator
  • Scene flow monitering tool
  • PlayerPrefs modifier/viewer
  • Sound controller


  • Before NDC: Preview alpha, Open this repository as public
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