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YOLO In-Game Object Detection for Unity (Windows)

Unknown VersionOtherUpdated 141 days agoCreated on March 12th, 2019
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YOLO In-Game Object Detection for Unity (Windows)

Experimental Yolo object detection for Unity (Windows) via gRPC. Uses the Alturos Yolo wrapper, please see corresponding system and build requirements.

How to use

  • Build YoloSrc\Yolo.sln
  • Publish YoloServer project
  • Launch YoloSrc\YoloServer\bin\Release\netcoreapp2.1\win-x64\YoloServer.exe
  • Open YoloUnity project in Unity editor and enter play mode

Exit and re-enter play mode in case you get a Grpc.Core.RpcException.

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