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This repository contains the source code of infinite runner 2d game using Unity3d "Run Alex Run"

Unity 2018.3.6f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on March 19th, 2019
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This repository contains a infinte runner 2d game project using unity3d “Run Alex Run”.

Game Description : We named our project Run Alex Run. The hero’s name is Alex who is a wizard and is in hunt of evil monsters that wants to harm people and Alex is going to kill the monsters in order to save the world. Alex finds lots of obstacles in his journey but also beautiful princesses who are trapped by the monsters, Alex also saves them. In his journey Alex also finds bigger monsters who are more powerful and more stronger than the normal smaller monsters.

Game features:
-> 2 different backgrounds
-> 2 different Background Music
-> Randomly spawning enemies
-> Bigger enemies
-> princess
-> Bullet sounds
-> Jump
-> Fire
-> Running speed increases to a specific speed.

Flow Chart:
Untitled Diagram

How its played: Jump button to jump. Fire button to fire a magic ball. One point for killing a normal enemy. Two magic balls to kill a big enemy. Killing a big enemy rewards two points. Rescuing a princess rewards two points. To rescue a princess the player has to just touch the princess.

2nd Year Even Senester
Course Code: CSE2242
Course Name: Software Development Lab II
Course Teacher: Ast. Professor Md. Omar Faruqe

Team Members
Team Leader: Niaz Bin Siraj
Member 1: Nafis Iqbal
Member 2: Md. Al Amin
Member 3: Abdullah Al Noman
Member 4: Jalal Uddin Md. Akbar

University of Rajshahi
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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