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Examples and a boilerplate project for creating VR audio in Unity.

Unknown LicenseUpdated 28 days agoCreated on March 20th, 2019


This repo contains a Unity project with examples and a boilerplate template for creating VR audio in Unity.

See the PDF-file within the project on how to use it.

Lapland Experience Technologies 2025

The long-term objective in this project is to make the potential of new experience technologies more noticeable andmore reachable to businesses in Lapland. The project’s primary objective for achieving this is to develop a digitaltoolbox for VR/AR/MR ( VirtualReality, AugmentedReality/ MixedReality ), that is designed based on the needs of thecompanies in the area, and that will enable faster and easier usage of the new experience technologies in their trade.The “experience technology toolbox” is distributed online for the companies to freely use. The tools that it contains areused to create two proof-of-concept demos. These demos are then introduced to companies for demonstrating their potential in business, and workshops are run with the companies to produce ideas and concepts of new products andservices that are based on the used experience technologies.The project enriches the cooperation between the companies, the public and the educational organisations in the area.The project also develops the cooperation between the ICT department of Lapland University of Applied Sciences, theIndustrial design department of Lapland University and the Multidimensional Tourism Institute, and makes thepossibilities of the cooperation more visible. The educational organisations also aim to improve the cooperation withthe local companies by creating new relationships with them and by making the cooperation more multi-disciplined.


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