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Simulate Physics in the Unity Scene view

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Editor Physics Simulation

Simulate Physics in the Unity Scene view.


This minimalist Unity package allows you to simulate physics in Scene view to ease the pain of manually laying out bramble, rubbish or boulders. No script or prefab finicking is required, just start and stop the simulation as you please. If you’re more familiar with Unreal Engine, this package is roughly what the the Simulate button does.


Inside the Tools menu item dropdown, you’ll now find two new buttons: Simulate Physics in Editor - Start and Simulate Physics in Editor - Stop - these are pretty self explanatory, just make sure to stop the simulation when you’re done!


Install process

This is a plugin that makes use of Unity’s new Package Manager feature. Just drop the com.alexismorin.editorphysicssimulation folder into your packages folder (found at the same level as your Assets folder) and it should work out-of-the-box. If you’re using an older version of Unity, navigate inside the com.alexismorin.editorphysicssimulation folder and then just drag the Editor folder you find there anywhere in your project hierarchy.

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