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Simple mod to set all characters school uniforms to a common style.

Unknown VersionGNU Lesser General Public License v3.0Updated 1 year agoCreated on March 29th, 2019
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Does your local school have fifty different school uniforms? Do you ever wish their uniforms could be more… uniform?

KK_UniformUniforms assigns all characters who are not wearing proper uniforms random uniforms, and has sliders to create a unified color theme for all your school attendees.

How does it work?

The plugin adds a set of controls to the class roster enabling players to set a color scheme for all the characters simultaneously. When you then apply this color scheme, three things happen:

  • All colors are changed to the current color scheme.
  • All non-uniform tops and bottoms are set to random school uniforms, unless you select a specific uniform to apply.
  • Option to set uniform emblems to the current school emblem.

UI Overview

Planned additions:

  • Changing uniforms of background characters
  • Player customization of which parts are considered a uniform.

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