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Basic example of a 2D top down controller in Unity 2D

Unity 2018.3.10f1GNU General Public License v3.0Updated 1 year agoCreated on April 4th, 2019
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Unity 2D Top Down Character Controller

Basic example of a 2D top down controller in Unity 2D



In order to run this example you’ll need to install Zenject. If you don’t want to use that then it should be possible to pull the code into MonoBehaviours.

You also need to install the Spine Unity Runtime.

How It Works


The input controller will run once a frame on Tick and set variables an input state object depending on what buttons the player is clicking. Use WASD to move around.


The following files run the player controller:

  • PlayerAnimatorHandler: Checks the player movement once a frame and sets parameters on the animator.
  • PlayerCollisionHandler: Fires a bunch of rays in the direction of travel and looks for colliders that are obstructing the player.
  • PlayerFacade: MonoBehaviour that acts as the main controller and a gateway to player functionality for other systems. It also contains an empty FSM as an example of how one might be used with Zenject.
  • PlayerGUIHandler: Handles showing icons when a player is in a trigger.
  • PlayerMovementHandler: Moves the player depending on input.
  • PlayerSettings: Scriptable Object that contains some setting for the player.
  • PlayerTriggerHandler: MonoBehaviour that adds and removes triggers from a list when the player collider enters and leaves them.
  • PlayerModel: Acts as the base model for the other components to use.
  • PlayerCollisionState: Holds the player’s current collision status.
  • PlayerTriggerItems: Holds the current triggers the player is inside.


The camera just has a controller to follow the player.

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