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Scripts for taking screenshots with countdown animation and chroma keying in Unity. πŸ³β€πŸŒˆ

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There are 3 sample scenes in this project:

  • Test_PhotoTool takes a screenshot and display it on a GUI Raw Image.
  • Test_PhotoAnim demostrates how to set up simple count down and flash light animation.
  • Test_Keying applies chroma keying and color adjustment onto textures.

🌟 While the above scenes demonstrate how I use the scripts individually, UnityPhotoBooth is a complete photo booth game using all these scripts together. Please check it out if you need it.

How to Use



Settings in the Inspector

  • Set startX, startY, width, and height for the region you want to take screenshots with. You can view the region you’ve set by checking Debug On GUI.

Scripting Reference

  • Init() initializes a Texture2D for screenshots with startX, startY, width, and height. There’s also an overload function Init(int _startX, int _startY, int _width, int _height) for overriding the settings.
  • TakePhoto() takes a screenshot and apply it to tex2d_photo.
  • OnPhotoTaken(tex2d_photo) is called after the screenshot is taken.



Settings in the Inspector

  • Drag some Transform components into the countDownElements array. These GameObjects will be used in the countdown animation, which is driven by a DOTween Sequence.
  • Type in duration_countDown (in seconds). It’s the duration of each countDownElements's scaling animation.
  • Assign a UI Image to Img_shot. It’ll be used in a β€œflash” animation driven by DOTween, too. duration_shot is the duration of the animation.
  • (Optional) You can also assign an AudioSource to audio_shot and it will be played with the flash animation.

Scripting Reference

  • Init() MUST be called to initialize the DOTween tweeners/sequences.
  • PlayCountDownAnim() plays the countdown animation. OnCountDownFinish() is called when the animation finishes.
  • PlayShotAnim() plays the flash light animation (along with the audio_shot sound effect if it’s assigned). OnShotFinish() is called when the animation finishes.

KeyingColorPickers.cs, KeyingSliders.cs, and KeyingToggle.cs


These scripts are used to control values on materials using ProcAmp shader.

  • Assign a material using Klak/Video/ProcAmp shader to keyingMaterial
  • Type in propertyName eg. _KEYING, _Brightness. They are internally used by some functions such as Material.SetFloat and PlayerPref.SetFloat.
  • (Optional) If btn_resetDefault is assigned, value of the color picker, sliders, and toggle will be set to default when btn_resetDefault is pressed.
  • (Optional) There is a Panel-Keying Prefab inside gm_PhotoTool/Prefab/Panel-Keying. It’s a UI Panel which already contains a color picker, a toggle, and sliders. You can put it onto a UI Canvas and then set up values followng steps above.


This project uses Git submodule gm_PhotoTool. If you want to clone this reposiory, you need to call

git clone --recurse-submodules <URL>




This project uses ProcAmp by Keijiro and HSV Color Picker by judah4 to achieve chroma keying. Also uses PlayerPrefsX by Eric Haines to save colors with PlayerPrefs! πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ

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