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Framer X-esque layout tools for Unity 2019.1

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A set of Framer X-esque elements and tools for Unity 2019.1+.


Frames are pretty much mostly boxes that can be used as content for stacks. Stack Inspector Preview
Frame Features Included

  • Types of corners (Round, Smooth)
  • Instant mesh recreation on all changes
  • Ability to change corner radius
  • Ability to have split corner radiuses
  • Ability to change level of detail
  • Creation menu
  • Custom inspector
  • Superellipses!
  • Vertex coloring (less materials)


Basically just an easier-to-understand (and slightly dumbed down) version of Unity’s linear Layout Group components. Stack Inspector Preview
Stack Features Included

  • Horizontal and vertical stacks
  • 6 types of spacing (Start, Center, End, Space Between, Space Around, and Even Spacing)
  • 3 types of alignment (Left (Top), Center, and Right (Bottom))
  • Padding
  • Reorder frames with inspector or drag and drop
  • Creation menu
  • Custom inspector


Pagination! It’s super easy to make your own transitions.
Page Inspector Preview
Page Features Included

  • Horizontal and vertical pages
  • 3 types of alignment (Left (Top), Center, and Right (Bottom))
  • Two transition types (Linear, Pile) (more coming soon!)
  • Transition length
  • Spacing between pages
  • Change initial page (live preview) with the inspector
  • Reorder frames with inspector
  • Creation menu
  • Custom inspector

More coming soon!


Drop into a project. In the GameObject menu, there’s a folder called “Framer”. Create an element and have fun!


ReorderableListTool.cs - Siyuan Wang
Triangulator.cs - runevision
Easings.cs - acron0

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