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WIP project for creating procedural planets using Unity

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 277 days agoCreated on April 15th, 2019
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Test project for creating procedural (currently earth-like, arctic and venus-like) planets using Unity 2018 (can be updated I guess).

Send me a message on Discord : PingouinGlissant#7123

Packages in use are :

  • Lightweight Render Pipeline (latest)
  • Shadergraph (latest)

Mesh generation code is from Sebastian Lague (, noise code from All the rest is from me.

The project has other files and disabled objects in the scene, just ignore them, they were used for test purposes.

You can download an example project to try it out with prefilled settings but a “Scripts” folder will be commited at some point for project integration.

Please consider that this is just a beta and you can update your own custom values for RNG inside the wiki. Also consider that I’m just 15 and a rather unexperienced developer, and that I know that my code is extremely unoptimised and slow.

Thanks for using my work,



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