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ARCore (Android) / desktop app which recognizes student faces and marks their class attendance

Unity 2018.3.0f2MIT LicenseUpdated 168 days agoCreated on December 3rd, 2018
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ARCore (Android) / desktop app which detects and recognizes student faces to record their class attendance.

Built in Unity3D, utilizing Azure Cognitive Services.

Project based on demos from Unity assets Cloud Face Detection and Cloud User Manager by Innovative Smart Systems.

You will need an Azure Portal subscription (free) to use the Face and Computer Vision APIs.


  • Open project and import necessary assets/libraries if prompted by Unity

  • In project explorer, navigate to 'CloudFaceDetection' > 'DemoScenes' and open 'UserRecognitionScene0' scene object

  • Click on 'CloudFaceController' GameObject

  • On 'Cloud Face Manager (Script)' component, enter your selected 'Face Service Location' and 'Face Subscription Key' provided by Azure Portal

  • Run (play) scene (or build to ARCore compatible device running Android >= 8.0)

  • To build app, just select appropriate platform under 'File > Build Settings'


General Interface


User Creation

User Creation

User Creation Confirmation

User Recognition

User Recognition

Resize Image Viewport

Resize Image Viewport

User Login via Interactable Cards

User Login

Built-In User Manager

User Manager

View and Modify User Details

User Details

Delete Users

Delete User

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