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An in-editor, Unity VR directing tool

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 117 days agoCreated on April 22nd, 2019
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Virtual Filmback, an in-editor VR directing tool

This intermittent mashing of GameObject/Align With View to key camera positions must cease! This Unity package allows you to instance yourself into your Unity scene and record camera movements in a more precise, true-to-life fashion. Convenient for rendered real-time video, game cutscenes and camera blocking alike!

This package contains only a camera prefab and not a full-locomotion system (for now) - it can be installed on top of any project with pre-installed VR integration so that you can devise your own large scale movement schemes, whether it be Cloverfield-esque foot movement or dolly translations. It uses Unity’s native XR library, so unless you’re running a cardboard rig it should work.

Control Scheme

  • Trigger button: Hold to record.
  • Grip button: Play & pause the current timeline.



  • If you are left-handed, mark the checkbox as such - this will adjust the position of the camera viewport for you (yes, I only made this because I’m left handed myself).
  • Assign a playable director in your scene to the playable director slot - you’ll be able to pause and play your Timeline to give yourself some time to reposition yourself between shots.
  • Set the inital field of view for your camera (50-55 is a good setting for film & TV but you can increase it higher if you’re recording cutscenes for a skateboard game) - In a future version I plan of having a button to easily snap back to this preset FOV.


Dependencies & Requirements

  • Unity 2019.1 or later
  • Have “Virtual Reality Supported” enabled in your XR Settings for that Unity Project.
  • Package Manager Version of the Unity Recorder
  • A VR headset with motion controllers (Tested on Oculus Rift CV1, ought to work with the HTC Vive + Wands and maybe with WMR headsets)

Install process


This is a plugin that makes use of Unity’s new Package Manager feature. Just drop the com.alexismorin.virtualfilmback folder into your packages folder (found at the same level as your Assets folder) and it should work out-of-the-box. If you’re using an older version of Unity (not supported here, but can be made to work if you’re courageous), take the com.alexismorin.virtualfilmback folder and then drag it anywhere into your regular project hierarchy.


  • FOV adjustment for zoom ins and outs.
  • Dolly-like movement scheme to increase possible recording range.
  • On-foot movement scheme to increase possible recording range.
  • Flying movement scheme to increase possible recording range.

Per usual, try and enjoy in spite of all the bugs!

(Mostly) crafted in a few hours at Imaginary Spaces while waiting for other packages to import.

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