Ad Vd Graphs


Tool to draw graphs in Unity. This has not been fully tested and crashes/memory leaks may occur, use at your own risk.



  • Create a Graph asset on the create asset menu.
  • Drag the Graph to the GraphViewer window, which can be opened from the window menu.
  • Call Graph.AddData(“graph name”, value) from your scripts to log a value over time.
  • It is also possible to find a graph using Graph.FindGraph(“graph name”) or any other means and then call AddData(value) on the instance.


Graph Configuration


  • Set the color and draw mode.
  • Adjust the offset and scale to draw the graph.
  • Set whether the data should be reset on play (only the graphs in the viewer are affected).
  • Set the amount of data that a graph can store. Old data is overwritten if the array data is full.
  • Configure the appearance of the markers for the Points draw mode (texture and size).
  • Export and import graph data as csv files.


Graph Viewer

  • Set the order in which the graphs are drawn in the viewer.
  • Add graphs to the viewer by dragging the asset to the list or through the add (+) options: create a new graph asset or choose existing graphs with the object picker.
  • Remove the selected graph from the viewer by clicking the delete button (-) or the Del/Supr key.
  • Clear the data from the graphs in the viewer using the buttons in the top left.
  • Toggle whether the view should follow the data as it is added in either axis. The view window will expand until the maximum view size is reached.
  • Open the Settings Inspector to configure more options, such as the default marker texture and maximum view size.
  • Hold the right or wheel mouse buttons and drag to move the view around.
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Hold Ctrl/Cmd or Shift to zoom the axis separately.