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2D like 3D

Unity 2018.3.6f1MIT LicenseUpdated 47 days agoCreated on April 3rd, 2019
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2D like 3D License

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All started from idea. There was a time when game was loading scenes on mobile devices for 12 second, so long for mobile. And in order to diversify loading screen I thought to make a mini game on the loading screen. As an interaction, use an accelerometer or gyroscope device.

After some time, I saw a 3D screensaver for my android and thought about doing something similar. By the way, you can reproduce this using samples below and this plugin for Unity

Version 0

The first thing that occurred to me it’s to split image by Z and changing rotation by X and Y as it turned out very easily. As a test, I tried to reproduce tree from above.

Version 1

To reach the depth of the picture, you only need to change by increasing Z. I tried many options and the more I tried to adjust it the less I liked it. In fact, if you look closely, the coordinates on the plane are visually shifted. And the second idea was born. Replace rotation to offset in X and Y.

Due to the fact that the speed was the same everywhere and distances were different, some life appeared on picture.

Version 2

I recently saw this article.(facebook 3d photos) And I tried to make the same effect for the test, but already using a shader. This version has the right to exist, but I prefer version 1 - because of the configuration options.

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