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Import a MagicaVoxel project to Unity using the new VFX Graph

Unity 2019.3.6f1MIT LicenseUpdated 68 days agoCreated on May 4th, 2019
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  • Unity 2019.3 (beta)
  • VFX Graph
  • HDRP
  • Enable Eperimental Operators/Blocks (Edit > Preferences > Visual Effects)

What is VoxToVFX ?

VoxToVFX allows you to import a MagicaVoxel project into Unity using the new VFX Graph. No mesh is created, so the import process for huge world is very quick ! All voxels are particles rendered on the GPU. It support also world regions of MagicaVoxel so you can import world bigger than 126^3.

How to use it ?

You just need to put your .vox file into your project. The import process will start automatically. It will create a pair of texture for each materials you have.

Then you have to assign the TextureMap in the inspector :

Don’t forget the adjust the capacity of your Initialize Particles




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