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Tiny ECS is an easy to use Entity-Component-System framework that's designed specially for Unity3D.

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Tiny ECS is a easy to use Entity-Component-System framework that’s designed specially for Unity3D.

Table of contents

  1. Features

  2. Requirements

  3. Installation

  4. Documentation

  5. Contact


  • Easy to use.

  • Designed especially for integration with Unity3D.

  • Zero dependencies.


  • Visual Studio 2017.

  • At least 2017.1 version of Unity3D.

  • The option ‘.NET 4.x scripting runtime version’ should be enabled in the editor (From Unity3D 2018.1 and newer “ProjectSettings/Player/Other Settings”).


To start to use the library just copy its *.dll and *.pdb files somewhere into Assets/ directory of your Unity3D’s project.

NOTE. Also don’t forget to specify path to UnityEngine.dll file before the building of the library.


The project’s documentation can be found here. You will find a bunch of tutorials there to understand how to use TinyECS library.


e-mail: ildar.kasimov94@gmail.com

Pull requests are appreciated !

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