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WakaTime plugin for Unity ⏱

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A WakaTime plugin for Unity.



Existing solutions didn’t work for me (https://github.com/bengsfort/WakaTime-Unity is obsolete and https://github.com/josec89/wakatime-unity requires Python), so I decided to implement my own variant.

The code has been successfully tested with following Unity versions:

  • 2017.4.0f1
  • 2018.1.0b13
  • 2018.1.2f1
  • 2018.3.6f1
  • 2018.3.10f1
  • 2018.3.14f1
  • 2019.1.0f2

Installation using the Unity Package Manager (Unity 2018.1+)

The Unity Package Manager (UPM) is a new method to manage external packages. It keeps package contents separate from your main project files.

  1. Modify your project’s Packages/manifest.json file adding this line:

    "com.vladfaust.unitywakatime": "https://github.com/vladfaust/unity-wakatime.git#package"

    Make sure it’s still a valid JSON file. For example:

        "dependencies": {
            "com.unity.ads": "2.0.8",
            "com.vladfaust.unitywakatime": "https://github.com/vladfaust/unity-wakatime.git#package"
  2. To update the package you need to delete the package lock entry in the lock section in Packages/manifest.json. The entry to delete could look like this:

    "com.vladfaust.unitywakatime": {
      "hash": "31fe84232fc9f9c6e9606dc9e5a285886a94f26b",
      "revision": "package"

Installation (all other Unity versions)

If you don’t use the Unity Package Manager, you may copy the Editor folder from inside Assets/com.vladfaust.unitywakatime into your project’s Assets folder.


  1. Run the Unity editor, go to Window/WakaTime, and insert your API key (grab one from https://wakatime.com/settings/account)
  2. Press Save Preferences
  3. Check if "Unity" editor appears at https://wakatime.com/api/v1/users/current/user_agents (may be a bit delayed)
  4. Enjoy!


The plugin will automatically send heartbeats to WakaTime after following events:

  • DidReloadScripts
  • EditorApplication.playModeStateChanged
  • EditorApplication.contextualPropertyMenu
  • EditorApplication.hierarchyWindowChanged
  • EditorSceneManager.sceneSaved
  • EditorSceneManager.sceneOpened
  • EditorSceneManager.sceneClosing
  • EditorSceneManager.newSceneCreated

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