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Mulligan Renamer tool for the Unity Editor allows for quick and safe renaming of many assets and gameobjects at once

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Unity - Mulligan Renamer

The Mulligan Renamer tool for Unity allows for quick and safe renaming of many assets or GameObjects all at once. It provides several ways to rename Objects including the ability to replace substrings, add prefixes and suffixes, add numbers, and delete characters from the front or back of the name of each Object.

This ReadMe provides a quick overview of the tool. For more detailed documentation, check out the wiki.



Through Unity Asset Store

Unity Asset Store

Development on Mulligan Renamer is supported through purchases on the Asset Store, as well as through volunteer time of contributors. Please consider supporting further development by purchasing it through the Unity Asset Store.

Through Github

To install this package follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest package (.unitypackage file) from the Releases page or click here.

  2. Open the Unity project you want to import the Mulligan Renamer tool into.

  3. Install the custom package through Unity’s Asset menu.

  • In Unity Editor go to Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package…
  • Select the .unitypackage file you just downloaded. We recommend storing the files at the default location (Assets/RedBlueGames), but it should work anywhere.

Using the Tool

To use the Mulligan Renamer tool, open it from the Window/Red Blue menu. If you have Objects selected, they will automatically be entered for rename. Otherwise, drag and drop the Assets or GameObjects you want to rename into the Mulligan Renamer window.

The tool allows for many rename operations. Here are a few:

  • Search String and Replacement String allow for replacement of substrings from the selected objects.
    • Example: The name “Char_Hero_Idle” with search string “Hero” and Replacement string “Enemy” would yield “Char_Enemy_Idle”.
    • The Regular Expressions mode for Search and Replace allows for just about any rename operation.
  • Prefix and Suffix additions allow you to add prefixes and suffixes to the start or end of every object.
    • Example: The name “Hero” with the added prefix “Char_” and suffix “_Idle” will yield “Char_Hero_Idle”
  • Trimming allows you to delete a number of characters from the front or back of the object’s name.
    • Example: The name “CHairA” with 1 specified to Delete from Front, and 1 specified to Delete from Back will yield “Hair”.
  • Enumerating allows you to add sequential numbers to the end of each object name. This will be added after the deletions or suffix additions.
    • Example: Selecting 3 objects that are all named “Wall”, and specifying “00” or “D2” as the format string, and a Starting Count of 0, will yield “Wall00”, “Wall01”, and “Wall02”.

You can combine any number of the rename operations in any order to achieve the rename results you want. Read more about the operations in the wiki here.


Contributing to the project is welcome. You can do so by adding GitHub issues, or by submitting code pull requests. Please read the Contributing Guidelines before contributing.

Contributors and Credits

Portuguese Translation and Localization - Mukarillo

Spanish Translation - Jesús Dávalos

Continuous Integration Support - andyzickler

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