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BitStrap is BitCake's collection of Unity tools that improve our workflow.

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BitStrap is BitCake’s collection of Unity tools that improve our workflow.

We use it across several projects and hope it will be of help for yours! 😃

What is this project for?

This is our humble way to give back to the gamedev community. We hope this will ease other people lives when working with Unity.

You are free to use these tools in whatever project you’re doing. Make us proud! 😄

Common Use Cases

If you’re unsure of how can BitStrap help you, here’s a list of common use cases where BitStrap shines!

List of common use cases

Getting started

Use Unity’s Package Manager and add from a git url:


NOTE: Right now we’re moving all the documentation to this repository Wiki!

Although the classes are already documented, we also have a simple web page containing a feature list followed by a quick explanation of each. You can think of it as a “table of contents”.

Legacy documentation Link

I need ~healing~ help

Awesome contributors

Licensed under MIT License

How to contribute



Access Animation parameters without hardcoded strings.

Organize your AnimatorControllers with nested AnimationClips.

Make use of these helpful attributes to spice your inspectors up without ever writing a custom editor.

Gorgeous and UI ready blur.

Extendable graph editor. Make your own nodes!

Read those pesky debug logs in runtime even after the build.

Animate your shader params without allocating a new Material.

Some Vector utilities with an eye candy editor.

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