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The goal is to build a c++ native plugin for Unity multiplatform(Windows/UWP/Android/Lumin/...

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This project goal is to build a Unity native plugin to call simple c++ code,then it works on multiplatform.

c++ code is simple.

#include "NativePlugin.h"

NATIVE_API void jp_the6th_NativeSample_func1()

NATIVE_API int jp_the6th_NativeSample_func2(int i )
	return i;

Target Platform (trying now)

Platform Status
Unity Editor(Windows) ✅ Success
Windows Standalone ✅ Success
HoloLens 1(UWP/x86) ✅ Success
HoloLens 2(UWP/ARM64) Not yet
Android (ARM64) ✅ Success
Android (ARM) ✅ Success, but not tested
Android (x86) ✅ Success, but not tested
LuminOS(Magic Leap/ARM64) ✅ Success
Mac OS Not yet
iOS Not yet

System requirement

  • Windows 10
  • Unity 2019.1.0f1
  • Visual Studio 2017

How to use

A. Generate native plugins on Visual Studio 2017

  1. Open NativePlugin/NativePlugin.sln
  2. Toolbar -> Build -> Batch build ,then press [Build]
    • 7 of Dynamic libraries are generated to Unity project folder (UnitySample\Assets\Plugins).

B. Build Unity application each target platform.

  1. Open Unity project , /UnitySample , with Unity 2019.1.0f1.
  2. Setup Import plugin settings for each platform.
  3. Switch platform on build settings window.
  4. then,build and deploy it.
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