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Some of my work with unity scripts

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Some of my work with unity scripts

Mikael Poetsch

Basic flying follower and Bat controller

Control a flying enemy moving towards the player all the way up to the last point it has seen the player then walks back the same path walked all the way back to it’s origin point

Border detector

Creates a button to detect the lower point of a object, at it’s “feet”, to determine wether or not an object is grounded to the floor in a non-plane surface

Camera shake

Script that makes the camera shake through script

Character controller physics

Script to update the gravity correctly to any object affected by gravity of a “planet” according to it’s relative rotation


Script to make a FPS walker for the character on non-plane surfaces


Script that takes a image file and uses the pixels collor to create a pac-man map


Class that cast a raypoint into a direction and return either the first object it hits or all object it hits in a given direction


Class that controls normal attack for the player. A object that represent a arm punching is instantiated randomly on the player vision and causes damage to a enemy that is aiming at.


Class to show the planet gravity range and force through a wire disc handler

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