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Android/iOS Game "Totally Odd - Number Game" (formerly called Oddity)

Unity 2017.1.2f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 272 days agoCreated on April 19th, 2018
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Totally Odd Number Game

(This repository was not used during development) Mobile Number Puzzle Game Unity C# Playfab

This game was developed for a local boardgame developer. I saw the project from conception to live operation. Written in Unity and C#. The consists of more than 100 levels, multiple game modes, a complex AI opponent engine, more than 30 in-game unlockable cosmetics, online leaderboards, a referal system, daily challenges, in-app purchases with receipt validation and much more.

The game utilises Microsoft’s Playfab to implement a cloud-based game server. Server-side logic is written in Javascript and mainy consists referals, currency regeration, time-based rewards etc.

Playfab also acts as a key-value store which is used to store player data, inventory, statistics and other game data. This store is queiered from the client-side and all responses are in the form of JSON elements.

For more information please visit the landing page via the link above or consider downloading to see for yourself.

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