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Encode your own bot using probabilistic concepts and Unity 3D.

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KorraAI is a bot framework that allows you to create your own bot, also called Embodied Conversational Agent (ECA). It uses distributions and probabilisitic programming to encode behavior and unexpected flow of events. The currently enoded bot (aslo called “model”) is called Joi, a female one. Probabilsitic programming is a way to encode Bayes networks. Otherwise said it is a way to manage uncertain concepts. The programming language used is C#. KorraAI is plugin based where a plugin provides one or several models with each corresponding to a adifferent bot.

You can learn more about the design principles in Philosophy and the technical aspects in TechnicalSpec.

Yes, you can encode a girlfriend! 😃

Example 1: The probability of saying a joke can depend on a base joke probability (that describes the overall character of the bot) and the moood of the user. This is a simple Bayes network of three variables. For example a bad mood can indicate that it is better that the bot says more jokes (to improve the mood the interlocutor). So if the user has indicated a bad mood we can infer a higher chance of saying a joke, for example 10 jokes per hour in comparison to 7 jokes per hour, if he declared at some point that he was in a good mood.

Example 2: Time is also encoded as distributions and not fixed intervals. For example we can reduce the time between interactions, but not by a fixed amount. We do that by changing the parameters of the distribution (ex. Normal(m,n) distribution) so that the pauses between interactions are centered for example around 2.1 seconds and not 3.1 seconds. This will make the bot more interactive and choosing the right value depends on the psychological effect you would like to encode.

See more in Examples. Next it is recommended that you jump to Tutorial.

Cognitive and physical capabilities: The bot is programmed in Unity and comes with a quality 3D model, voice synthesis, lips sync, simple bot movement, eye movements and blinks, voice annotation, at least 6 cloth outfits and other that make it look human-like. No voice recognition is currently included. Interaction with the bot is done with mouse and keyboard. The bot is also non-blocking, which means that if you do not answer a question the bot will not wait forever, it will either react to your lack of response or switch to the next interaction.

Application: KorraAI bots can be used in video games and for the conduct of psychological experiments. For example one can try to encode specific behavior and then validate: how successful was the encoding or what are the effects of this behavior on human subjects.

Possible commercial applications:

  • Sales agent
  • TV presenter
  • Entertainer
  • Companion


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