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KorraAI is proactive probabilistic bot framework.

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KorraAI is a framework that allows you to create your own bot, also called Embodied Conversational Agent (ECA). You can learn more about the design principles in Architecture and Philosophy and the technical aspects in TechnicalSpec.

Yes, you can encode a girlfriend! 😃

Advantages of using KorraAI:

  • Being proactive by design, the bot will continuously initiate interaction in a distribution controlled manner
  • Comes with Probabilistic Programming library that allows for encoding of distributions and Bayesian networks that represent concepts from real-life
  • Behavior change can be encoded based on elapsed time or external factors, user responses, etc.
  • Has a quality 3D model, voice synthesis, lips sync, bot movement animation, eye movements and blinks, voice annotation (SSML)
  • The result is a Unity 3D application that can be executed on many platforms: Windows, Android …
  • It is plugin based, so some of the technical aspects are hidden for the sake of simplicity, so you can focus on modelling
  • The Korra AI can be the base of your own bot framework where NLP, semantic web, etc are added

In order to start coding for KorraAI you need to go through the following pages:

And also:


  • A character in a video game
  • Sales agent
  • TV presenter
  • Entertainer
  • Companion
  • Psychological experiments


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