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Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on January 6th, 2015
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Version 3.3

Updated everything to work with ROS Indigo. All of the std_msgs are now there, although some of the more less often used ones are not fully debugged.

Cleaned up the repository somewhat, removing files not directly source code related.

Updated the TurtleSimViewer application so that the parameters are visible in the editor.

Removed unnecessary files from the repository

Version 3.2

Updated turtlesim example to work with ROS Hydro and added some geometry message files

Version 3.1

Major change here is to make the c# method names all upper case and to add better comments

Version 3.0 Its self documenting (ha).

So its a unity project, with two basic libraries * SimpleJSON - to do the basic JSON work * ROSBridgeLib - to do the ROSBridge-Unity heavy lifting

There is a sample application built at the top of the library. It requires a ROS world somewhere running the turtlesim package along with rosbridge. Turtlesim made some changes after groovy, and this has only been tested with groovy, so I would start there.

There is one hard coded constant in TurtleSimViewer - the ip address of the host running the rosbridge package.

Fire up the turtle simulator under ros along with rosbridge web socket server. Then fire up the unity program. with luck (?) you should see a checkerboard with a robot on it. The robot is listening to the location of the turtle and updating its location and orientation as appropriate. So if you teleoperate the turtle around its motion should be tracked by the unity robot. The unity camera is slaved to the robot.

The cursor keys are used to generate tele operational instructions for the turtle simulator in ros, which in turn moves the turtle, which in turn moves the robot in unity.

As a final example, the T key is tied to a ros service, that turns the pen on and off on the turtle simulator.

Note: SimpleJSON is included here as a convenience. It has its own licensing requirements. See source code and unity store for details.

Version 2.0

A hacked up version for the CSA demo

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