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NO LONGER MAINTAINED, use unity hub, even though it lacks some features. Managing multiple unity installs can be a pain, so here's a tool to hopefully make that easier.

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Unity Multi Launcher

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Managing multiple unity installs can be a pain, so here’s a tool to hopefully make that easier.

Awesome Things

  • Unity Multi Launcher finds your latest projects that have already been opened automatically! (Via registry, how unity does it)
  • We don’t send your data anywhere! all of your secret projects stay secret!
  • You can launch both the Unity Launcher From UML or a project with the right editor version!

Info Things

This Executable stores all your settings in a file called


in it’s local directory, feel free to mess with it.

Current restrictions

  • Windows Only
    • Windows Registry Dependency ( for Unity Project Lookup)
    • WPF GUI Dependency
  • Can’t find all instances of unity autonomously
    • Unity does a weird thing in Windows when you install multiple versions of unity it only puts the latest one into your Registry and program files

If you do use my code or this program please let me know! I’d like to know how I can improve it or hear about any bugs people may encounter. Bugs and Issues can be submitted here

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