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mixed reality experience built in Unity, featuring ChucK/Chunity based midi visualization

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on January 9th, 2019
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Vermont is an audio-visual mixed reality program intended to allow musicians to enter a headspace of nature and serenity. The program is based off an experience I had a few summers ago when I rented a cabin in rural Vermont in hope of writing music in isolation. I was incredibly lonely and the experience as a whole was quite taxing on my mental health, but ultimately I was able to create meaningful music from it. While I never want to re-live that experience, I created this program in an attempt to allow myself and others to enter a similar state of mind when writing or playing music.

The program starts out with the user waking up in a bare-bones cabin. It is raining outside, and the day-night cycles are passing abnormally fast, giving the user no real sense of time. Quickly, one finds there is not much to do outside of walking around the vicinity of the cabin, which can be a meditative and introspective experience. Once one gets tired of this, they find the only thing “interesting” to do is to have a seat at the piano in the cabin, which sits in front of a window looking out on the beautiful scenery. Here, you enter a dream-like state, where the notes you play on a midi keyboard fall as water droplets from the sky and day-night cycles and weather patterns control filter sweeps of your sounds.

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