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AccelByte Unity SDK v2.0.0


AccelByte SDK is compatible with these AccelByte backend services:

Service Version
IAM v3.1
Platform/E-Commerce v1.8
Basic v1.0
cloudstorage-service v0.3.4
lobby-server v1.0.13

Getting Started


  1. Download the whole repository.
  2. Create a file named AccelByteSDKConfig.json and add it to Assets\Resources directory. Fill the PublisherNamespace, ClientId, ClientSecret, Namespace and AppId(app namespace), BaseUrl, and RedirectUri according to your own. Here’s the content of the json file:
    "UseSessionManagement": true,
    "BaseUrl": "",
    "StatisticServerUrl": ""
  1. Copy whole Assets/AccelByte folder from the repository that has been downloaded and add it to your project in the Assets directory.
  2. If you need other functionalities, e.g. Steamworks, Xsolla, Oculus, embedded browser; you can include this whole repository to your project because we already provide those plugin/package here.
  3. For cross platform (primarily iOS and WebGL) and performance reason (Utf8Json is fast), AccelByte Unity SDK uses Utf8Json for serializing objects to JSON. The serialization code is pre-generated, so you need to run RecreateJsonResolver.bat if you somehow change any of AccelByte models class inside Assets/AccelByte/Models.

Using The SDK

At first, you need to import AccelByte namespaces:

using AccelByte.Api;
using AccelByte.Models;
using AccelByte.Core;

After that, you can freely uses AccelByte SDK. Please see tutorial on how to use AccelByte SDK.

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