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Turkish/English Voice Controlled, Augmented Reality Car Showroom App. Made with Unity,Vuforia and

Unity 2019.1.3f1MIT LicenseUpdated 96 days agoCreated on May 25th, 2019
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Turkish and English Voice Controlled, Augmented Reality Car Showroom Application. Inspired by Diego Herrera courses.


Cars :

  • Audi R8
  • Lamborghini Gallordo

Can use Commands by clicking microphone button.

Commands :

  • Open/Close Car Door
  • Show/Close Car Information
  • Change Car Color

Made with:

  • Unity
  • Vuforia (Augmented Reality SDK)
  • (NLP, used for Command Control)

Google Play

Turkish App Test

English App Test

How to Use

It is made with Unity Version : 2019.1.3f1, recommend you to use exactly this version. Need to do some configurations.

  • Vuforia Configuration

    • For using AR features, need to have Vuforia Key. Get Vuforia Key

    • Paste Your Key in VuforiaConfiguration, App License Key:

  • Configuration

    • Create Account

    • Create New App in for every Language

    • Train your bot depending on Entities (Commands) Quick Start for

    • Take your token in settings of your app, and paste it to _Handle.cs

    • In this app, entities are the commands I mentioned above. You can add new entities and train your bot. You need to add new entities _Handle.cs in Entities Class.

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