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A custom Unity Editor tool. A node-based graph editor for creating visual novel scenes.

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DEVN - Dialogue Editor for Visual Novels

A custom Unity Editor tool. A node-based graph editor for creating visual novel scenes.



DEVN offers all of the expected functionality and features that are provided with a visual novel. This includes:

  • Audio (BGM, ambience, SFX & voice)
  • Backgrounds (includes CGs)
  • Characters
  • Dialogue
  • Choices, conditions & branching paths
  • Auto & Log
  • Save/Load (coming soon)
  • Settings (coming soon)


Follow these instructions to set-up DEVN for your Unity Project.


  • Clone this repository using
  • Or, alternatively, download the .zip file containing the repository.


  • Ensure the DEVN folder is placed inside of the assets folder of your Unity Project, e.g. UnityProject\Assets\DEVN\
  • Installation complete!


Follow these instructions to get started using DEVN.

Scene set-up

  • In the project view, navigate to DEVN/Prefabs/ and locate the prefab named “DEVN Canvas”
  • Drag and drop said prefab on to the scene hierarchy

Creating a DEVN scene

  • In the project view, navigate to a folder that you would like to create your DEVN scenes in
  • Right-click, and select Create/DEVN/Scene
  • Remember the “DEVN Canvas” prefab that was placed on the hierarchy? Navigate to the “Scene Manager” component and set the newly created DEVN scene as the “Start Scene”

Editing a DEVN scene

  • To open the scene editor window, under the Unity toolbar, navigate to Window/DEVN/Scene Editor
  • In the scene editor window, under “Current Scene”, select your newly created DEVN scene


  • You are now ready to edit your scene! Try right-clicking on the graph and have a look at each node and their properties
  • Hint: Try starting with a background node! Most visual novel scenes will need a background at the start of the scene

For a more detailed explanation, refer to the FAQs, and/or internal documentation.


to do


Reach out to me on one of these platforms for support/enquiries.

Special Thanks

Here are a few notable people who helped me out on this project! 😃

Devin Stewart (Zelus) - Character Artist
Dale Giroud-Grumley - Designer
Christopher Poermandya (Chrispy) - Designer
Drake Barclay - Programmer

And finally, shoutout to the Discord boys (for "ooh"ing and "aah"ing at my gifs and screenshots)

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