Unity Roguelike Procedural Generation by benjaminhate - 6


A Unity rogue-like game with procedural generation for the dungeon

Unity 2017.4.18f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 339 days agoCreated on December 17th, 2018
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Unity Roguelike Procedural Generation

The project is a Unity game for a roguelike game. The game has a procedurally generated dungeon where the player can walk through.

The game is a 2D roguelike where the player has to escape the dungeon full of gards. The player can take the appearence of the gards for a short duration during which the gards won’t detect him. The dungeon is procedurally generated and the gards are randomly placed and their stats are randomly defined.

A difficulty level increases the difficulty of the dungeon. If the player escapes a dungeon, he will enter a more difficult one.

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