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Unity plugin to support Sign In With Apple Id

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Sign in With AppleUnity 3D

Sign in with Apple Unity Plugin

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by Daniel Lupiañez Casares


Sign in with Apple plugin to use with Unity 3D game engine.

The main purpose for this plugin is to expose iOS newest feature, Sign in with Apple, to the Unity game engine.

On WWDC19, Apple announced Sign in with Apple, and on top of that, they announced that every iOS Application that used any kind of Third party sign-ins (like Sign in with Facebook, or Sign in with Google), will have to support Sign in with Apple in order to get approved for the App Store, making it mandatory.

Setting up the plugin

Installing the package

  1. Download the most recent Unity package here
  2. Import the downloaded Unity package in your app. There are two main folders:
  • The AppleAuth folder contains the main plugin.
  • The AppleAuthSample folder contains sample code to use as a reference, or to test the plugin.


Set up entitlements

To be able to use Apple’s platform and framework for Authenticating with an Apple ID, we need to set up our Xcode project.

  1. We need to add an entry to the entitlements file to define the accessibility level for the plugin.


2. We need to import the `AuthenticationServices.framework` library in the Build Phases->Link Binary with Libraries.


However, this can be cumbersome to do every time a new build is generated. That’s why this plugin provides an extension method for ProjectCapabilityManager, used to add this entitlement programatically. Simply call the method AddSignInWithApple.

public static class SignInWithApplePostprocessor
    public static void OnPostProcessBuild(BuildTarget target, string path)
        if (target != BuildTarget.iOS)

        var projectPath = PBXProject.GetPBXProjectPath(path);
        var manager = new ProjectCapabilityManager(projectPath, "Entitlements.entitlements", PBXProject.GetUnityTargetName());
        // Adds required Entitlements entry, and framework programatically

NOTE: The AuthenticationServices.framework should be added as Optional, to support previous iOS versions and avoid crashes on startup.

NOTE 2: The provided extension method uses reflection to integrate with the current tools Unity provides. If it fails on your particular Unity version, feel free to open a ticket specifying the Unity version.


JSON communication

This plugin does NOT use UnitySendMessage, meaning that there will be no need to instantiate any components in GameObject instances. Just create an instance of the [main class] and keep it alive wherever you would like to use/receive the data from the sign in.

The communication between the native Objective-C and C# is made through a static context using JSON serialization and deserialization.

Custom deserialization

By default, this plugin supports Unity’s JSON Serialization system, so no extra libraries are added. A few workarounds had to be made to support it. However, if your app/game uses a different serialization library (, MiniJSON, etc…), you can create you custom deserializer.

As long as you implement the IPayloadDeserializer interface, you can pass that interface to the main NativeAppleAuth Constructor to use your own solution.

Current progress

iOS Native

  • ☒ GameObject-less messaging system based on strings.
  • ☒ Get Credential state for a specific User-Id.
  • ☒ Sign in with Apple.
  • ☒ Silent Login to support iTunes Keychains (to be properly tested).
  • ☒ Programatically add new AuthenticationServices.framework and Entitlements entry when building for iOS.
  • ☒ NSPersonNameComponents formatting for all different styles.
  • ☒ NSError codes mapping into Unity.
  • ☒ Customize Sign in With Apple call from Unity. (request email and/or full name)
  • ☒ Support to schedule all callbacks in user-configured loops (ex. in an MonoBehaviour’s Update loop).
  • ☐ Add support for credential revoked notifications

Rest API

  • ☐ TBD
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