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Augmented Reality Fitting Room via Unity

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 311 days agoCreated on April 22nd, 2018
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Virtual Fitting Room

Collaboration with one other Software Engineer, a Business Analyst, a Project Manager, and a Quality Assurant to develop an Augment Reality app for fitting clothes over the user in real time.

Designed and implemented over the course of five bi-weekly sprints implementing the Agile Software Development Lifecycle. Worked as the main Augmented Reality Software Engineer.

Won top three in a competition from over twelve Augmented Reality applications.

Concepts: Agile SWDLC, Augmented Reality

Tools: Unity3D, Vuforia SDK, GitHub

Languages: C#


First screen when application is opened.

alt text

Working your way around the application with interactive buttons.

alt text

First shirt displayed over QR code!

alt text

Tapping on top portion of QR code changes shirts.

alt text

Holding the QR code over your body will have you wearing the shirt!

alt text

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