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Code generation tool to create type safe wrapper for Unity3D's Animator API.

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Code generation tool to create type safe wrapper for Unity3D’s Animator API.


Unity3D uses a string-based API to control its animation state machines. As a result developers do not get compile-time checks on their parameter names, or auto-complete in their code editor.

This tool automates this process of writing Animator boilerplate, generating a script exposes a property for each state machine parameter, and regenerating when they change.


Available as a Unity3D package.

Add the following entry to your <Project>/Packages/manifest.json:

  "dependencies": {
    "games.feed.destringer": "https://github.com/rhys-vdw/unity-destringer.git",

Unity will download the package automatically.


Assets > Create > Destringer > AnimatorWrapper

Create an AnimatorWrapper object that can be configured to generate a script. Once given a RuntimeAnimationController hit the “Generate” button. This object will automatically update the script whenever its assigned controller changes.

Tools > Destringer > Attach animator wrappers

This will attach generated scripts to any selected GameObjects with animators, creating and updating as necessary.


Given the following animator:

Animator screenshot

destringer will generate a C# script with the following properties:

public int FidgetType
    get => _animator.GetInteger(FidgetTypeProperty);
    set { _animator.SetInteger(FidgetTypeProperty, value); }

public void Fidget()

public bool IsEmerged
    get => _animator.GetBool(IsEmergedProperty);
    set { _animator.SetBool(IsEmergedProperty, value); }

public bool IsTransitioning
    get => _animator.GetBool(IsTransitioningProperty);
    set { _animator.SetBool(IsTransitioningProperty, value); }

public float NormalizedTimeOffset
    get => _animator.GetFloat(NormalizedTimeOffsetProperty);
    set { _animator.SetFloat(NormalizedTimeOffsetProperty, value); }
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