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A decentralized audio playing system for Unity, designed for simplicity and built to scale!

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 35 days agoCreated on June 11th, 2019
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Tired of having to manage a billion AudioSources lying about? That will no longer be a reality! Never worry about sounds and music ever again!

Jacky’s Simple Audio Manager (aka JSAM) is a easy-to-use, performant, and decentralized audio playing system for Unity.

JSAM is perfect for game jams, prototypes and is scaleable with your project!


  • Easily and intuitively add and play sounds and music!
  • Individually control master volume, sound volume and music volume!
  • Music and sound fading!
  • Built-in Loop Point authoring interface (powered by Audio Tools Library for .NET)
  • Spatialized 3D sound and audio!
  • Audio that changes depending on the scale of time
  • Compatible with Unity’s built-in Audio Effects
  • Drag and drop components that handle sound playback on
    • Collision events
    • Trigger events
    • Particle emission and death
  • Extensive in-editor, in-code documentation for easy extensibility

Add JSAM to your Project

  • Check out the wiki to see how to simplify audio integration in your project!
  • Check out the documentation to learn more about and extend JSAM’s functionality!

More Info

Check out the Releases page to see all the latest updates!

JSAM is now on the Unity Asset Store! Do check the Github Releases page for the latest bug fixes.

If you’d like to see what parts of AudioManager I’m actively working on, you can check out the Trello!

If JSAM has helped you at all, feel free to donate! My quest to streamline audio is neverending, but your patronage is always appreciated!


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