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Poly Toolkit for Unity

Unity 5.6.3f1Apache License 2.0Updated 2 years agoCreated on October 30th, 2017
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Poly Toolkit for Unity

Copyright © 2017 Google Inc. All rights reserved.

This is the source code for Poly Toolkit, a plugin for the Unity engine that allows you to import 3D assets from Poly at edit time and at runtime.

For more information, including setup instructions, refer to the online documentation.

Unity is a trademark of Unity Technologies.

Installing Poly Toolkit

If you are a user of Poly Toolkit (most common case), you probably do not need to download and build the source code. You can simply download a pre-built package.

More instructions are available in the online documentation.

Note: If you are using Unity 2018 or above, you will need to enable the unsafe code option in Player Settings before installing the package. This is because Poly Toolkit uses unsafe {} code blocks for direct pointer manipulation when parsing files, for performance reasons.

Building from Source

If the pre-built packages do not suit your needs (for example, you want the cutting edge features that are checked in but not yet part of the official releases), you can build from source. To do that:

  • Install Unity 5.6.3 or later. Note: if you are not using the exact version of Unity that Poly Toolkit was developed with, you will get a warning to not check in any code, but you can ignore that, because you are just building it, not modifying the code.

  • Clone this repo to your machine.

  • Open it in Unity.

  • Click Poly > Dev > Build .unitypackage on the menu.

  • This will create a unitypackage file.

Then, simply use this package file to install Poly Toolkit in any project.


For license information, see the LICENSE file.

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