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Component-oriented UI framework for Unity

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Delight is an open source component-oriented framework for Unity, mainly centered around creating user-interface components that can easily be extended, combined and shared using a text based declarative design language (similar to HTML).


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Quick Start

  1. Import the latest Delight unity package into your Unity project.

  2. Create a new scene by right-clicking in your project hierarchy and choosing:

    Create -> Delight Scene.

    Press enter and open the newly created NewScene.xml XML file and edit it so it contains the following content:

    <NewScene xmlns="Delight" 
              xsi:schemaLocation="Delight ../Delight.xsd">
        <Label Text="Awesome!" />
  3. Open the Unity scene NewScene.unity that has been created in the same folder and run it.

Congratulations, you’ve created your first scene in Delight 😃.

Check out the Tutorials and get started creating some awesome UI components.


You’re welcome to contribute to the project. For minor contributions, such as bugfixes, open a pull request. If your contribution is larger, such as new views or features, consider opening an issue first to engage the community. If you want to contribute to the website check out the Delight website GitHub.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.

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