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Generation of environment on procedurally generated meshes. [Unity]

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Groasis (Survive and explore game)

The following project is a game created during a game development course at Södertörn university. The in-depth description of the game can be found in the link below. The duration of the project was 2 months. The number of developers working on this project was 8.

The game has been released on itch.io and is avalable to download for free :

Link to webside: https://443-production.itch.io/groasis

Link to trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9F0MWJhgrg4

My Contribution to the project - Envoirment Generation

Generation of environment on procedurally generated meshes. The solution can be used with any number of asset combination by simply creating new scriptable object. [Unity]

What have I learned

• Multithreaded operations in unity.

• Principles of procedural mesh generation (vertices manipulation)

• I expanded my knowledge on code optimization

• Poison sampling method for object generation

Tools and methods used during the project

• TestLink

• Trello

• Scrum framework

• Unity Collab


All the credits for procedural mesh generation go to Sebastian Lague: https://github.com/SebLague

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