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A simple tool to create your own script template

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Unity Custom Script Template

A simple tool to create your own script template.

⚠️ If you feel like any information is missing, check the issues tab for problems you might be having or create a new one if you couldn’t find anything. Feel free to give suggestions and feedback.

What’s this about?

This tool adds another Script Template to Unity that will serve as an alternative for the default “C# Script” that I personally always modify before writing my scripts. In essence, it adds a signature header on every script with your name, email and creation date. Also, it removes the Start() and Update() methods from the default template.

Add to your project

ℹ️ For importing as a package, it is required that you have Git installed and added to the PATH

For 2019.1+: Installing from a git URL

You can open the Package Manager and then click on the + button on the top left corner. From there select Add package from git URL..., type https://github.com/JoaoBorks/unity-customscripttemplate.git and click Add. The package will be imported by the Package Manager.

Other Package Manager supported versions: Add manually to manifest

You should add this to your manifest.json under the Packages folder on the root of your Unity Project:

  "dependencies": {
	"com.joaoborks.customscripttemplate": "https://github.com/JoaoBorks/unity-customscripttemplate.git"

It will be installed on the next Unity Editor start. Later you will be able to update the tool from the Package Manager Window.

🔗 Unity Official Documentation


First image

From there you can open the Custom Script Template Editor Window.

Custom Script Template Editor

Here you can set your Author Name and Email to add to your script’s signature header. You need to click save to store this data into the Editor Prefs. You also have the option to clear the saved data.

Immediately below that the Custom Template field is assigned automatically to the loaded script template, and serves as a shortcut for you to locate the file. You also have the options to Edit this file (that should open the file on your default External Script Editor) and to Generate the script template, that copies your custom template to the Editor’s Script Tempalte folder and reloads the Editor Application.

How it works

The custom Script Template has the keywords #AUTHOR# and #CREATIONDATE# that will be replaced by the data you entered on the Editor Window and the present date. The keyword #SCRIPTNAME# is automatically replaced by Unity. All the keyword recognition and replacing is done by the ScriptKeywordProcessor class.


You can customize your Script Template to suit your needs, for example adding default methods or even new keywords to process. Keep in mind that if you ever want a feature that it does not have, I may want to include it on this package.

But, why?

I like to have my scripts signed so everyone knows who to ask when they have doubts. Unfortunately with every new version of Unity, I have to redo the tedious process of updating my Script Template manually. I’d very much like to be able to manage my Script Templates over the Unity Hub, but looks like no one else uses it.

Have a great time!

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