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Azure Kinect C# wrapper compatible both with Sensor SDK and Body Tracking SDK ant Unity sample project using it.

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on July 23rd, 2019
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Unity example to use Azure Kinect DK (works with both Sensor SDK and Body Tracking SDK).


Tested environment

As of July 27, 2019, this repo has been tested under the following environment.

Get Started

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. Copy following files from Azure Kinect Sensor SDK or Azure Kinect Body Tracking SDK to directly under the unity folder
  • k4a.dll
  • k4abt.dll
  • onnxruntime.dll
  • depthengine_1_0.dll
  • dnn_model.onnx
  1. Open Assets/AzureKinectDK/Example/Scenes/SampleScene
  2. Play the scene and see how it works.


Files under unity/Assets/AzureKinectDK/Scripts/M4A are copied from and modified by Takahiro Horikawa which is licensed under MIT License. Other files are licensed under MIT license.

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