Vive Input Utility Unity

VIVE Input Utility for Unity

Copyright 2016-2018, HTC Corporation. All rights reserved.


  • VIVE Input Utility (VIU) is an Unity plugin that allows developers to access VIVE device status, including VIVE Tracker.

  • We also introduce a mouse pointer solution that works in 3D space and is compatible with the Unity Event System, and a device binding system to manage multiple tracking devices.

  • Our goal is to accelerate Unity developers making new VR apps and discovering new VR experience by saving their time in writing redundant code managing Vive devices.


  • Please use Unity 5.3.6 or newer 5.X versions to open the project

  • Also import the SteamVR Plugin for Unity. This can be found in Unity Asset Store.

Contributing guidelines:

  1. Read the CLA.
  2. Create an issue for the work you want to contribute.
  3. Fork this project on GitHub.
  4. Create a new branch (based on master branch) for your work on your fork.
  5. After you finish your work
  6. Submit a pull request from your new branch to our develop branch.