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Seamless voronoi custom node for the Unity's shader graph.

Unknown VersionThe UnlicenseUpdated 202 days agoCreated on June 29th, 2019
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Seamless voronoi custom node for the Unity’s shader graph.

Made with this tutorial:

How to use the node:

The node have 4 inputs and 3 outputs. The first input: UV. It is ,you guessed it, for any kind of UV. The second one: Height, is used as a variation for the voronoi. Use for exemple with a time node multiplied by 0.1. The third: CellDensity, is a zoom for more/less cells created. And the last input: Period. It represent how often the noise tile.

The first output is a basic voronoi Basic voronoi

The second output is only the cells of the voronoi Cells

And the last one is for the borders of the cells Borders

Also, if you want to make a sphere with a this node, I recommend you to use an icosphere better than the normal sphere from unity. It looks better.

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