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A very basic use of Utility AI for Unity.

The concept is each AI has a brain component which you load with thoughts which are scriptable objects. Each thought is checked and returns a number from 0 - 100.

The lowest number returned is the most urgent and gets executed.

Video Example:

Example video


Add the AI brain to your NPC’s and then create your own thoughts by extending the base thought. When a thought is weighed or executed it gets sent the gameobject of its owner, you can use this to access the information to make the decision.

When you create a new thought you need to also make a scriptable object based off it. This is what you add to your AI’s brain. Each though has a curve which allows you adjust its urgency.


You are free to use this in any project but if you find it helpful all I ask is you pop my name in the credits.


Make a full example Add better documentation

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