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As you know, a meta file should be a set of asset file in Unity. If you upload an asset file without a meta file, an asset file’s GUID will be generated differently per each user’s computer. And then, every object that linked that asset will be missed.

But if you working with other team members who don’t familiar with this process like design or art team, it’s so hard to manage or educate them to not mistake this kind of matters(This is also what I experience with it!)

To prevent this matter, I made UniSVN to do almost everything about SVN’s functions inside Unity!


  • Windows only for now.

  • Tortoise SVN

  • SVN

  • Unity Version for this project is 2019.1.x +.


SVN Commands


If you excute SVN commands like update, commit using UniSVN’s menu, the meta file will be added automatically!

Command List

  • Settings [Shift+Ctrl+Alt+T]

  • Update [Shift+Ctrl+Alt+U]

  • Commit [Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C]

  • Show Log [Shift+Ctrl+Alt+L]

  • Checkout [Shift+Ctrl+Alt+H]

  • Clean up [Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E]

  • Revert [Shift+Ctrl+Alt+R]

  • Resolve [Shift+Ctrl+Alt+S]

  • Merge [Shift+Ctrl+Alt+M]

  • Properties [Shift+Ctrl+Alt+P]

  • Repo-brower [Shift+Ctrl+Alt+B]

Asset Status


Now you can keep watching how synchronized assets’ status inside Unity’s project view.

Explanation of icons

  • The asset is synchronized with the repository.
  • You made the asset.

  • Or You FORGOT to commit meta file!

  • The asset or meta file is modified.
  • The asset is conflicted. It happens sometimes when you updated without committed the asset.
  • You linked external with the asset.
  • You added the asset manually.


You can set some options in here.

SVNSettings.asset’s path is “Assets/UniSVN/Editor/Settings/SvnSettings.asset”.


  • Show Icon

    • Check it if you want to see Asset Status.
  • Tortoise SVN Path

    • You don’t need to modify this path if you installed Tortoise SVN to default path.


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