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Linguists Game project that was made in Unity for kids 9 years old In a CS degree in HIT

Unity 2018.3.14f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 158 days agoCreated on August 12th, 2019
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You can install SpongeBasketBall game from Releases Page.

  • SpongeBasketBall.rar - Extract it and launch SpongeBasketBall.exe.

You could download the source Code and open it in Unity and run

  • Assets->Scenes->'00 Splash’

About game

Game was made with Unity2D & SQLite , the game is programed in HIT course of “Young Linguistics” where we needed to build a game for children at age of 9 that where asked to give an idea for game that could teach english , they give an idea and we make it come true. the main player is spongebob that was painted by agirl in class. the sounds was made by 4 adurable girls that was recorded to play as the sound effects in the game. and thanks to niva keshet,student that tooked a very importent roll as designer.

there are 3 main target of this game:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • listening comprehension
  • Identification of verbs and nouns


  • Several players can play this game and try to beat each other high scores.
  • parameters of sounds are customizable:
    • sound effects
    • back ground music
  • There is a calculation of statistics for each player.(right/wrong answers and time to play)
  • The ability to save and load the high score table.
  • Very beautiful and modern user interface
  • Vocabulary.
  • Sound effects.

Developing Class&Script Logic

  • Colliders 2D - set on ball,basket,ground,baskets,sidescreen(in case the ball went out)
  • Animation - on level change , fades , destruction of ball
  • Sound effects - on clicks, collisions , winning , lossing , background
  • GameSession - controll of Life,Health,Score,Point Per hit,Timer
  • Dialog Manager - dialogs event driven system , that controll of content that displayed on the top of the basket, on spongebob cloud ,and working basket net.
  • Voice Dialog - using in combination with dialog manager where the dialog is by Sound (LVL3)
  • Level Changer - responsible for the changing of Scenes in case we end all the dialog
  • level Manager - switching between scenes
  • Player Prefs - Responsible for music prefs by saving the last preferens
  • shoot script - responsible for all the logics of shooting the ball , in case of aiming: moving the dots in right direction

Game guide

Strting the game

you will meet the splash screen before the menu:

splash screen

In the Main Menu you can see the Tutorial button

SpongeBasketBall Menu

after the click you need to watch the tutorial video.

SpongeBasketBall Tutorial

summary : you need to go throught spongebob story and answer his questions by dragging the ball and instatiate him to the right basket , after you getting the right answers you gethering higher score, play throught the levels and try to get as much higher score as you can get.

Example Of levels:

SpongeBasketBall lvl3 SpongeBasketBall lvl1

if the words are hard or you dont know them there is a vacubalary in the left side of the screen.

SpongeBasketBall vacabulary

play till you reach the highest level you can , i you lose all you 5 lifes you will meet the gameover screen:

SpongeBasketBall gameover

when the game ends : either win or lose you will prompt to highScore Screen:

SpongeBasketBall highscore



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